The cauldron mug has been around for over a thousand years. It is wizarding world drinkware, the design of this mug is designed by Warner Bros. By the time, these mugs have gone through many changes in their material, size, design, and purpose. Unlike in the past, now this mug is used to hold and drink different liquids. Different uses of these mugs in recent times are;

You can use this drinkware to serve any kind of hot beverage like coffee or tea.

You can also use it as a pen holder or something you can use to store your brush and markers. You can also use these mugs if you want to be a witch or a wizard.

The Invention of Cauldron Mugs

The cauldron mugs have been invented in12th century to drink alcohol where these mugs were made from clay and often decorated with a cauldron design. Usually, the mugs were used to drink only a small amount of alcohol and they were easy to port anywhere because of their small size.

Cauldron Mugs in 19th Century

The cauldron mug has been through many incarnations over the years. One of the earliest examples of a modern cauldron mug is found in an episode of Mad Men TV show from 1965.

In the 1970s these mugs were used as a popular gift for groomsmen so they can enjoy the wedding while taking alcohol or beer shots.

By this time, these mugs have evolved and become more affordable to produce designs in porcelain. Now there are many different types of cauldron mugs, including those that appear to be made with clay and designed to look aged.

Modern Cauldron Mugs

Today, only the shape of these mugs remains the same with many changes in their material, quality, and aesthetics. So, now not all the cauldron mugs available on market are made of clay. Many lightweight materials like plastic and even tin are also used in making mugs.

However, still, clay and porcelain mugs are high in demand. These vintage mugs are pretty difficult to find in the market but it’s not impossible as many companies are still trying to keep the origin of these cups alive.

Alibaba is among those few stores that sell high-quality clay cauldron mugs with many colors and designs. If you are a cauldron lover and know what the real mug looks like, you will fall in love with their collection.

Uses of Cauldron Mugs

There are many different ways to use these vintage-style mugs;

  • You can use them to enjoy the beverage like old times.
  • These mugs are also being used for decorations because of their unique design and appealing looks.
  • Large-sized cauldron mug can also use to hold firewood.
  • You can also use these mugs as planters or vases.
  • The small-sized cauldron mug can be an amazing candle holder.
  • You can also use these mugs on your table as pencil or brushes holder.


The humble cauldron mug will live on through the years, overcoming design changes and fads along the way. Now, it’s hard to find those traditional mugs but the eye-catchy alternatives are still in market.


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