The lug nuts of your vehicle may be loose or damaged after some time. If your wheel lug nuts need to be replaced then OSIAS 60mm lug nuts m12x1.5 can be a good option. While loosening mostly happens when the wheel has covered 100 miles or maybe there are some other reasons that lead to the loosening of lug nuts from the stud.

By knowing the main reasons behind the loosening of the lug nuts you can avoid it. We have described the common causes because of why nuts loosen from the stud in the given article.

Causes Behind Lug Nuts Loosening

It is a good habit to check the lug nut’s tightness after 100 miles of driving the new tires. And the common sign of loose lug nuts is wheel vibration. But the shaking of the wheel can be caused by any other issues such as the bent rims or the tire being out of round. However, if you have changed or refitted the wheels recently then vibrating wheels are a clear sign of loose lug nuts.

● Incorrect Tightening

The tightening of nuts plays a significant role. Most people do not know that over-tightening can also cause issues same as the under-tightening would cause. If the lug nut is not tightened enough then after some time it will lose.

Additionally, if the lug nut is over tightened then it will stretch beyond the limit and can crack or seize up on the stud. So gather the information about the correct torque that is needed for the lug nut tightening.

● Issues Of Steel Lugs With Aluminum Alloy

In the past, the wheel lug nuts do not loose as they are now because at that time only steel wheels are present. Now, most of the advanced vehicles have lay wheels. No doubt they look good and are light in weight but there is an issue.

If the lug nut and wheel are composed of different metals then they may face issues with the temperature at which they contract or expand. There would be no issue if both are made of the same metal.

● Dirty Surfaces

It is important that the lug nut and thread of the wheel are cleaned. If they are not cleaned then maybe the lug nut will not bind correctly and loose after some time so before installing or re-fitting any mud, paint or rust should be removed.

● Metal Fatigue

Metal fatigue can be a cause because of which the lug nut loose. It only happens if the lug nut is either overtightened or the wheel is not removed for a long time. In each of the cases, the nut experienced excess strain for a long time, and because of this it may be rusted or cracked.


There are chances that the lug nuts loose after some time from the studs. There are many reasons that can lead to it. Such as the nuts being over-tightened or not enough tightened. Or maybe the wheel was dirty. Regardless of the reason, it is suggested to check the tightening of nuts after 100 miles of coverage.


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