A bathroom remodels is a fun project. To ensure that your project turns out just how you imagined it, there are some less exciting things to consider before deciding on the newest tile or bathtub design.

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We have created a straightforward checklist to ensure your project stays on track and the restoration works successfully because renovating a bathroom can be intimidating, time-consuming, and expensive.

1. Budget

If you haven’t done so, you should develop a budget for your bathroom makeover. You’ll have a better idea of how much you can spend on tiling, fixtures, and extras once you’ve calculated your spending limit and subtracted the labor budget.

2. Cabinets and Storage

Bathroom cabinetry should be designed with the size of your bathroom and the number of users in mind. They must be practical, spacious enough to hold your products, easily accessible, and most importantly, fashionable. Browse our selection of cabinets below:

  • Shaving Cabinet
  • Mirror Cabinet Handles
  • Door Stop
  • Door Handle

3. Hardware

Hardware must nearly constantly be updated when remodeling a bathroom. There are many things to think about on this front, from new taps and mixers to whether to install a rain shower head or a more traditional shower rose. Two more necessary hardware components are towel rails and robe hooks.

4. Walls and Floor

Before crossing tiling off your bathroom renovation checklist, you must ensure that your tiles are sturdy, slick-proof, and water-resistant. Fortunately, Flooring Bathroom Interiors carries tiles that meet these requirements and look fantastic! A variety of ceramic, vinyl, and mosaic tiles are available to create the ideal flooring, walls, and feature for your complete bathroom design. Shop the collection right now in-store!

  • Tiles
  • Walls
  • Floor
  • Feature

5. Sink and Vanity

Think about the current vanity and whether you need a larger bench. To maximize storage and improve use, adding drawers inside the conceit may be more advantageous than using shelves. A floating vanity is also a terrific option for a tiny space because it will give the impression that the bathroom is more extensive.

6. Shower and Bath

If you have the room, you could mix a bath and a shower or pick one. If a bathroom is something you intend to have, do you want a free-standing tub, and does it have to be big enough to fit two people?

Regarding the shower, you might like a glass shower screen or the easier-to-maintain choice of a walk-in tiled design.

7. Lightning

Excellent lighting is essential in the bathroom because it is frequently used for shaving or putting on makeup. The ideal lighting for a bathroom should combine natural light with resourceful job lighting.

8. Toilet

You might want to consider a toilet room separate from your bathing and vanity space if you’re remodeling a larger bathroom. It will be possible to do this while maintaining privacy. You have the choice of a wall-hung toilet or a toilet in the classic style.


An excellent method to modernize your home is to renovate the bathroom. Even though you will encounter a few issues along the way, working with the right people will make the renovation process more enjoyable.


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