If you have a round, heart-shaped or oval face shape then most of the styles will look good on your features. However if square is what’s in store for ya – don’t choose short bobs because they can make those angles seem more severe than necessary!

Round faces can pull off most looks

While most hairstyles work for round faces, there are some styles that will work better for round faces. One simple hairstyle is a high bun, which will add length and a ladylike look. This style is also easy to maintain and can be worn day or night.

This hairstyle is also a good choice for round faces, as it covers the ears. It’s best to choose a color that flatters your skin tone and facial features. A dark shade will make your round face look more refined.

Rectangular faces can pull off most looks

Rectangular faces can pull off most looks from short bobs, but some styles can be better suited to different facial shapes. For example, a just-below-the-collarbone cut can help to soften the look of a square-faced woman. This cut can also balance a strong jawline.

Rectangular faces can pull off most looks in a short bob wig, but a blunt fringe can over-emphasize the square jaw line. To balance this, choose a chin-length or shoulder-length look. In addition, long bangs can soften the look of an elongated face.

Square faces should avoid bob-style wigs

Bob-style wigs are not the best choice for square faces. If you have this face shape, you can try asymmetric cuts. The slanted edges create the illusion of a longer face, and the inward curled edges round out the jawline. To prevent hair damage, use hair serum and use a round brush to curl the edges inwards. A blow dryer may also be used to create the effect.

Bob-style wigs are a poor choice for square faces because they create a boxy look. Besides, a square face often has a sharply angled jawline. Choosing the right hairstyle is therefore critical. Those with a square face should avoid center parts, jaw-length bobs, blunt bangs, and chin-length hairstyles. A square face should opt for side-swept bangs and short to medium-length styles.

Oval faces can pull off most looks

This classic hairstyle suits oval faces, as they have soft angles and long cheekbones. Short bobs with wavy or straight textures look great on this face shape. If you have an oval face, you can even add sweeping fringe to give your look more interest.

This classic hairstyle will never go out of style, and can flatter all face shapes. A bob is a versatile length and can hug your jawline or create a super swinging effect. You can wear it with any texture, so long as you keep it slick and styled properly. Try styling your wig with a leave-in conditioner to keep it conditioned and healthy looking. Arbonne’s True Hair Daily Leave-In Treatment is a good choice for adding shine and hydration. Jennifer Aniston’s iconic mane is a great example of a short bob with layers and longer hair in the back.


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